Building the Informal Workers Union in Bengaluru and the Health Camp

ACORN International Labor Organizing Organizing

Bengaluru   For several years in Bengaluru (Bangalore) our main focus has been organizing informal workers into unions, not because it’s easy, but because it’s necessary.  Informal workers in construction, domestic work, street vending or hawking, and wastepicking in the state of Karnataka cannot obtain identification cards and therefore ration cards unless their employer or their union …

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Organizing Plans with News from Walmart, Facebook, Spain, and Florida Voting Suppression

ACORN International Community Organizing DC Politics National Politics Organizing Remittances Voting Rights

Mexico City    The annual meeting of the ACORN International board continued its meetings for a second day in Mexico City, as they conferred on fundamental issues of support for existing work, self-sufficiency and support and expansion into new areas like Sicily and Liberia.  Additional reports were heard from Mexico on the Neza water campaign and received …

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Social Security Breakthrough for Honduran Informal Workers at Home & Abroad

ACORN International Citizen Wealth Remittances

Tegucigalpa     We were fortunate to get an extraordinary meeting with Hector Hernandez, sub-director of the Honduran Institute of Social Security.  His willingness to meet with us on a Saturday morning in a hotel lobby spoke volumes for both the government and ACORN International about our excitement around a brand spanking new initiative now being rolled out …

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