The Organizer Behind “The Salt of the Earth”

ACORN ACORN International Canada Labor Organizing

Gananoque   One of the things that Judy Duncan makes sure has “pride of place” in the annual fall training sessions with ACORN Canada staff is “movie” night.  We’ve watched many of the classics (Norma Rae, which they loved, Bread and Roses with Adrian Brody, which they hated, and so forth).   This year it might have fallen …

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Rap Comes to Remittance Justice Campaign

ACORN International Canada Financial Justice Remittances

New Orleans   On ACORN International’s Remittance Justice Campaign too often “civilians,” regular citizens, don’t have a clue about the predatory costs of moving money backwards and forward between where families and workers are now and their home country.   All of this made it exciting to get emails in recent days from ACORN Canada organizers, Jill …

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Vote “Mobs”

ACORN International Canada

New Orleans We read daily about another global democratic “spring,” and we actually have an election nearby in Canada.  Some of you are stifling a yawn!, but it’s an important election particularly if another country can be pulled back from the conservative abyss through a timely realignment.  One of the most interesting tidbits emerging out …

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