Study Establishes that People-User-Based Public Service Strategy Could Save Billions

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Organizing

Edinburgh       Riding on the train from Stafford to Edinburgh, I started reading a pamphlet produced by Locality, the big UK nonprofit.  The title, “Saving Money by Doing the Right Thing,” had caught my eye sitting on a literature table at the training conference.  The upshot was a contrarian, but in our experience accurate and corrective …

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Going to Action Camp 2014 with England’s Community Organisers Programme

ACORN International Community Organizing International Organizing

Stafford    From the outset let us state clearly that any time more than 400 people gather in the name and claim of community organizing it is categorically a great thing by definition, and a wonder to behold. This particular gathering, Action Camp 2014, organized by Locality, the overall coordinator and a UK nonprofit, has been pretty …

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