Pickers, Immigrants, and the Exploitation of Farm Workers

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 New Orleans  A lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center named Jim Knoepp found a way to get my attention when he was quoted in a story about potential employment discrimination between United States workers and immigrant farm labors, saying, “Think of trash collection.  That’s not very appealing, either.  But if you offer decent wage …

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Ripping off Mexican & Caribbean Migrant Workers in Canada

ACORN ACORN International Remittances

Buenos Aires One of the flash points in the USA immigration reform debate continues to be over the demand from farmers for help in their fields from migrant agricultural workers.  Recently  they left the Republican (and Obama Administration) consensus in droves as US-farmer organizations and Congresspeople bridled at the fact that employers, i.e. farmers, would …

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Informal Hawala Remittance System Huge, Competitive, and Dangerous

ACORN International Remittances

New Orleans Yesterday on the ACORN International website (www.acorninternational.org), we released the third of our investigative, research reports in connection with our Remittance Justice Campaign.  The bottom line is that the amounts of informal transfers are huge and underestimated.  They are wildly cheaper by many orders of magnitude (0.25% to 1.25% compared to World Bank …

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