Pension Funds Demanding Walmart Board Step Down over Mexican Bribery

Community Organizing International

New Orleans   Walmart annual board meetings are legendary dog-and-pony shows with literally thousands traipsing to Bentonville for a Roman circus of entertainment and company spectacle.  This meeting next month may have a sharper edge that not even a packed room of handpicked “associates” can stifle.  It will be impossible for the board to ignore shareholders …

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“Justice Will Be Served” for Nail Salon Workers as Opportunity Knocks

Labor Organizing Organizing

New Orleans    A week long jury trial in federal court gave five nail salon worker employed by a Korean-owned chain in Long Island almost $250,000 in back pay and overtime for Fair Labor Standard Act violations for underpayment below minimum wages.  The case for these marginal, often ignored service workers was brought forward by a …

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