Ronald Cameron, Arkansas Exploiter in the News

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New Orleans     Talking to Ernie Dumas, Little Rock’s premier senior journalist, author, and raconteur in the outside patio of his place after a late spring rain and at proper social distance, he mentioned a call from Jane Mayer, the New Yorker, looking for information on a behind-the-scenes, Trump-funding, worker-abusing, Little Rock-based billionaire named Ronald …

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National Labor Relations Board Twists the Knife in the Heart of Unions and Workers

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New Orleans    It may be hard to remember, but the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is supposed to ensure the right of workers to organize and safeguard the stated public policy expounded in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which favors collective bargaining. Under the Trump administration, the NLRB is going out of its …

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NLRB Decision on Aircraft Mechanics at Boeing South Carolina is Huge Setback

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Dusseldorf       Under this US administration, never say, “It can’t get much worse,” because it will.  In the assault on workers’ fundamental organizing rights under the National Labor Relations Act, the latest decision by the Trump-stacked board is potentially disastrous.  In a 3-1 decision with the NLRB’s Trump-appointed members outnumbering the lone Obama appointee with the …

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