ACORN Canada Was Revving Up and Reaching Out on ACORN’s 47th Anniversary

ACORN ACORN International Canada Community Organizing

Ottawa  Rolling out of breakfast, ACORN Canada members found themselves under a huge assembly tent, reminiscent of the Denver airport in my mind. Large delegations from Ottawa and Toronto practiced their chants, cheers, and songs they had devised for the march into the meeting hall. Toronto’s highlighted their expansion from the city into the GTA …

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Working on Skills and Listening to Promises at the Convention

ACORN ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Ottawa  We could find members of the ACORN Canada convention delegation wandering lost around the University campus pretty easily, thanks to their bright red t-shirts. There were nicely designed ACORN “arrows” on the sidewalks and signs aplenty, but the campus construction and the different buildings could easily confuse so a small army of volunteers and …

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