Movements Take Infrastructure, Not Simply Communication

Community Organizing Organizing

Delhi   Maybe someone out there is hearing our tired, old, boring message:  organizing takes hard work!  Yes, I’ve said it now, but it was never a secret despite the flutter of excitement about the mirage of so-called Twitter and Facebook “revolutions.             In two very interesting pieces, one “After the Protests” by Zeynep Tufekci in …

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Scotland’s Activists Call in the Daddy of Them All

ACORN ACORN International Citizen Wealth Community Organizing

WADE Rathke from the USA is a one-off.  Original has to be his epithet. A community organiser, a self-appointed role he adopted at nineteen years old, today and 40 years later he is helping ordinary people to change swathes of societies the world over.   Founder of ACORN International, this unique individual focuses on what …

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Atlantic Philanthropies Repurposing Could Create Huge Progressive Resource Problem


New Orleans In trying to resituate organizing on more sustainable ground around the world, I don’t keep up with foundations and so-called philanthropy much anymore, except as an occasional curiosity a lot like people might watch unreality shows like “lives of the rich and famous.” Nonetheless the sudden announced departure of the well regarded Gara …

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