Desperate Need for a Real, Independent Factory Inspection & Monitoring System

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Quito   It is impossible to read the tragic tales of sweatshop fires in Bangladesh and Pakistan without coming to the conclusion that literally the very best of intentions have in fact “paved the road to hell.” The story by Declan Walsh and Steven Greenhouse in the New York Times, “Certified Safe, A Factory in Karachi Quickly …

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Informal Workers: When No One Watching, No One Cares – Walmart & Domestics

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New Orleans  In the modern workforce economy of informal workers, contingent employees, and endless layers of subcontracting, both domestically and internationally, the obvious conclusion is that when no one is watching, no one cares, and, perhaps worse, no one is ever accountable.  This is not just a “race to the bottom,” but deliberate strategies to …

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Walmart: Black Friday, Open-Source Protests, Hot Shops, and Real Trouble in India

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New Orleans   “…every battle is won before it is fought.  And it is won by choosing the field of terrain on which the fight will be engaged.” Sun Tzu Now that the UFCW national action day at Walmart has gone past its Black Friday expiration day, we can say pretty definitively, and largely without …

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