Taxing Strategies

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              New Orleans      It’s hard to believe that any of us want to talk about taxes, but it’s hard to avoid the discussion since next to the act of declaring war, they are one of the most powerful forces that governments exert over their citizens.   You may think I’m going there because of …

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Trump Life:  Death, Yes, Taxes, No!

National Politics Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans     I had an elementary school teacher whose constant rejoinder was that “the only thing certain in life was death and taxes.”  At a tender age, neither absolute means much.  What are taxes?  When is death?  As we age, we find out way too much …

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Getting Serious about the Policy of Taxing the Rich

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Washington      This whole thing about taxing the rich is getting serious.  There were more than 150 people in a wonk policy festival organized brilliantly by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Economic Policy Institute, two of the most respected research centers in Washington.  Talking about taxes in general is mind-numbing, head spinning, headache producing …

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