Internet Monopolies Walls are Going to Tumble

ACORN ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth

Dallas     At the ACORN Canada staff training and then the management meeting in Montreal, we spent a LOT of time assessing and strategizing about our next steps on our Digital Access to Opportunities campaign which, plainly stated, continues to be our effort to build bridges for lower income families across the digital divide. In Canada the …

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Bring on the Trust Busters to Stop Comcast and Times-Warner Cable Monopoly!

Financial Justice

New Orleans      Simple fact:  the Justice department cannot allow Comcast to buy Times-Warner cable operations.  No way, no how!  In fact given the level of untrammeled, anti-competitive monopoly already rampant in the cable industry, which is directly responsible for both widening the internet divide and slowing down internet speeds to globally uncompetitive and exorbitantly …

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