Sanctions, Starvation, and Clawbacks in England’s Universal Credit

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Bristol      The “beast of the east” weather front roaring from Siberia to the United Kingdom was collecting front page headlines as it dumped snow on southern England, trapping some people in stuck trains for 12 or more hours and worse.  Coming from Paris, I had hoped to escape the storm, but waking up early I …

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UK’s Unite is Another Case Study of the Difficulty of Union Transformation

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New Orleans    Unite is the largest union in the United Kingdom with almost 1.4 million members launched a brave and exciting experiment four years ago to organize the unorganized. In this case it was not the unorganized who were workers, but the unorganized in communities. They established Unite Community with minimal dues (50 pence or …

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Newly Reelected Conservatives in UK Hitting Labor and the Poor Hard

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London    Whether meeting with organizers, union leaders, foundation and nonprofit executives or ACORN’s own organizers, almost always the conversations with drift over the difficult prospects for the next five years in the wake of the Conservative Party’s re-election, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, and the hope and fears accompanying the election of Jeremy Corbyn, …

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