The Ironies of Vancouver: The Post-Gentrified City

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Vancouver       Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada may be a case study of the post-gentrified city.  Average housing prices have dropped all the way down to $1.4 million per house.  The Vancouver Sun reported that a Habitat for Humanity house had sold for $330,000.  ACORN Canada’s office and all of our groups are in the working-class …

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Citizens Desperate for Effective Public Policies to Save Affordable Housing

ACORN ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Ideas and Issues

Halifax    The discussion of fights between tenants and landlords was a central part of the organizers’ agenda in the ACORN Canada head organizers’ meeting. In Ottawa it was another fight to save the 1300 unit, Herongate, a frequent target. In Toronto and Halifax landlord licensing is an ongoing fight and there were steps forward around …

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