FCC Caving in on Net Neutrality – What Next?

New Orleans  OK, let’s get this straight.  Compared to other developed countries around the world in the United States we already have slower and more expensive internet, and few workable programs to assure equality of access.  Under a Democratic President though we should be able to expect some progress in this area though, right?  Instead [...]

Supreme Court Ok’s Building A Separate and Unequal Educational System

New Orleans   There are now more than a dozen states that have banned the use of race as an affirmative action tool in determining admission to state funded colleges and universities.   The Supreme Court in reviewing a ban by voters in Michigan determined on a 6-2 vote that it was OK with them.  They went [...]

UAW Objections Withdrawal A Sign They Want a Second Shot Soon

Houston    Politicians and the in-plant anti-union committee at Volkswagen in Chattanooga were both chortling and celebrating the announcement that the UAW had withdrawn its election objections before the NLRB hearing on the issues raised in its recent, narrow defeat.  They are laughing too soon.  They are actually totally misreading the organizing tactics, and interpreting a [...]

Sprawling Roads to Nowhere

LONG GONE: Ninth Street in its heyday.

Little Rock    These days planners and speculators would be hard pressed to imagine that they could figure out a way to easily intersect cities with ribbons of concrete dividing rich, poor, black and white, which is not to say there aren’t some still trying, but the public purposes [...]

The Inequality Dividend: The Rich Against the World

Little Rock   Among the unforeseen consequences of the perversion of tax rates and the massive shifting of wealth to the one-tenth of one percent, is that now rather than the superrich just building hospitals, buying sports teams, getting university lecture halls named after them, and supporting the local symphony and arts museum, which most of [...]

Games Allstate is Playing on National Flood Insurance

New Orleans   If you live in the mid-section of the United States, on top of a mountain, somewhere in Canada, or elsewhere in the frozen north, then you probably yawn a bit while reading about climate change, but if you live anywhere within 100 miles of a coastline, you have been following the efforts to [...]