How Can We Get the “Rip Us Off Now” Sign Off Our Back?

New Orleans    I just have to wonder why when we are in a period of historic wealth and income concentration at the top, there are so many outfits trying to rip off low-and-moderate income families at the bottom? The hustles keep rolling down on our people like an avalanche.

The Student Debt Project issued a report [...]

Taxpayers Should Never Have to Subsidize Discrimination

New Orleans      The White House has announced that President Obama will sign an executive order barring discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers.  Essentially, the President is adding sexual orientation and preference from government contracts as part of the banned list including race, color, sex, national origin, and religious preference.  The order is estimated [...]

Regulating Payday Lenders Out of Our Neighborhoods Like Porn Shops and Liquor Stores

Houston       Payday lenders are by definition predatory no matter how they try to spin the story. Driving in torrential, blinding rains yesterday from Dallas to Houston, I listened to an ad from ACE Cash Express offering “free” loans of up to $1500 for 30-days supposedly without any interest or fees. ACE Cash Express just settled [...]

Promises Broken and Settlements Sidetracked for Homeowners Facing Foreclosures

Little Rock           I’m sorry. Here we go again spinning like a broken record on the amazing and devastating ineptness of the US government and its various agencies and branches to seriously solve the problem of bank intransience and offer real relief to borrowers needing loan modifications to escape foreclosure and [...]

Increases in the Minimum Wage Correct Inequalities in Wage Distribution

Kiln     One of my projects for my wor-cation had been to finally finish reading Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  I had ordered the book from the first notice, read 50 pages, and then just couldn’t see hauling the weight on airplanes.  I even read that Amazon e-book surveys based on noting “underlining” on [...]

Population is Moving to Bigger, Poorer, and Warmer Cities

Delhi, from The Hindu

Kiln     United Nations population estimates for the next five to fifteen years make it clear that in this period of rapid urbanization and increasing inequality by 2030 we will see huge population centers dominated by larger cities with poorer populations in warmer settings.   By 2030 more than one-third of the population [...]