New York’s “Poor Door” Could Lead to Mumbai’s Slum Sister Developments

Dallas   So-called voluntary inclusionary zoning in New York City allowing private developers to add more density and receive tax breaks in exchange for constructing a certain number of affordable housing units has led to controversy, as the city tries to make the program mandatory for new developments and as developers exploit loopholes that allow segregation [...]

Elite Colleges Perpetuating Educational Segregation and Income Inequality

Houston           All of the evidence on income stratification in higher education indicates that elite colleges and universities continue to play a major role in accelerating inequality as cherished ghettos of the rich and guardians of society’s inside track.  It should come as no surprise that they are undoubtedly the least able to heal themselves [...]

The Toronto Star Supports ACORN’s Digital Access Opportunity Campaign

New Orleans               In a Canada-wide day of action, ACORN used the occasion of children heading back to school to hit the major, monopoly internet companies, demanding low cost access to internet.   The Toronto Star editorially supported the campaign, and their arguments were excellent, which I’ll share.

Breaking down the digital divide for lower-income families: Editorial
Major broadband [...]

Continuing Confusion on Companies and Affordable Care: Walmart Example

New Orleans            Reading continuing reports on the number of people seeking coverage directly in the marketplace or through their employers under the Affordable Care Act makes it clear in many fundamental ways, people still don’t get some of the dimensions of the healthcare contradictions.  Nothing made the case for this argument more conclusively than a [...]

Exploiting the Precariat through the So-Called Sharing or Peer Marketplace

Missoula     Running around doing errands and catching up on Skype calls and emails in Missoula on our last trip in town before heading back home, doesn’t give me much time to keep up with the news, but hitting the Times business page quickly, I saw an article about the so-called “sharing economy” which seemed to [...]

An Architect for Disasters and the Poor

Missoula    The problem of affordable housing and post-disaster housing are coupled together by cost and for those who care, by speed.

Cost, because no one in government anymore wants to put the real price tag on what it would take to finally put all Americans into decent and affordable housing, much less the hundreds of millions [...]