Solar and Batteries are Knocking on Utilities’ Door – Part 2

Rock Creek, Montana     Bill McKibben, professor and environmental advocate, most notably through, wrote an interesting piece in The New Yorker, making the case that we are on the verge of the big leap to solar and, essentially arguing that utilities are standing in the way of systemic change. Solar, wind, and other renewables are […]

Union Leaders Concerned about Schools, Wages, and Medical Debt


Little Rock    When the forty leaders at the 34th Annual Local 100 Leadership Conference, held this year in Little Rock, were asked how many  of them were carrying medical debt, more than half of the hands in the  room went up.  When asked how many had family, friends, or neighbors  dealing with the burden […]

Clear Standards for Charity Care for Nonprofit Hospitals

Little Rock    For millions there is a collective sigh of relief as 6-3 affirmation of the Affordable Care Act subsidies for low income Americans sinks in and allows us to stop pinching our arms about whether or not this is real. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the Supreme Court can “giveth,” as it […]

Shaming the World Bank to Put its Mouth Where Its Money Is

New Orleans     The World Bank, a joint financing project invariably led by an American, but amalgamating many countries resources for major, and sometimes controversial, public works and other investments in developing countries particularly, is big bucks. If you want to build a power plant, a dam, a railroad, or anything in the billions, your country’s […]

The “Venmo Line” and Moving Cash More Cheaply

New Orleans     We are making progress on our Remittance Justice Campaign. A federal bill has now been introduced in Canada to cap fees and other costs at 5%. Provincial bills have now been introduced in British Columbia and Ontario. Reports from Honduras indicated that there is movement in Tegucigalpa at capping the fees finally. A […]

Medical Debt, Organizing Reunions, and Restorations

Pittsburgh    The Pittsburgh ACORN Family Reunion Picnic organized by ANEW Institute in Homestead was battling bad weather forecasts and real raindrops that moved the affair from the park to the porch of the Baker House on 11th.  The score of folks who came by couldn’t have cared less, because they got to see the progress on the renovation […]