Making Working Men More Economically Attractive

Little Rock     The headline was no tipoff on this piece in the Times’ business section.   Another article about how much the economics of single parent households really suck, blah, blah, blah, please tell us something we didn’t know, will ya?  So they did by basically in so many words and with all due concern letting [...]

Wall Street Journal Continues Curious Campaign against Lifeline Telephone for the Poor

New Orleans   Spencer Ante and the Journal continue their curious, and in many ways deceptive, campaign against the FCC’s lifeline telephone program, which allow the poor to have basic access to a telephone for less than $10 a month for emergency messages and a limited number of texts and calls.  The company’s’  providing the service [...]

Disconnecting Lifeline Telephone Service for Millions

New Orleans   Lifeline programs are great services in our modern age and we need more of them.  In concept “lifeline” conceptually stands for the provision of a basic level of service, like electricity, gas, telephone, or even internet potentially, essential for the very survival of a low income family or senior citizen.

Telephone lifeline services have [...]

Education Stuck in Class

Galveston, Texas, natives Melissa O’Neal, from left, Bianca Gonzalez and Angelica Gonzales took part in a college-prep program for low-income students, but found that school wasn’t a ticket to upward mobility. Michael Stravato New York Times News Service

Dauphine Island    “Life happens,” was a quote from one of the three young women from south Texas who [...]

Historians Begin to Look at ACORN’s Impact

Professor Carroll speaking as Fred Brooks, Robert Fisher, and Gary Delgao (from right to left) listen to the Lessons from ACORN Panel at OAH

Milwaukee   If it has been said that newspapers “write the first draft of history,” perhaps it is panels like Lessons from ACORN organized by Oregon State Professor Marisa Chappell at the national [...]

Short Takes on the 1% and Other Weirdness in the Small World

New Orleans    As we fight to regain population in the wake of Katrina and so many other demographic struggles over the last half-century, New Orleans in the NBA/NFL world is a “small market city,” which means we often find that we are living in a very small world.

I thought of this recently while hanging around [...]