Turning Up the Heat on FDI and Remittances

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New Orleans   This report almost writes itself, especially since the pictures virtually tell the story as various organizations in the ACORN International global federation step up to turn on the heat.

Ottawa ACORN opens another year of our Remittance Justice Campaign picketing Western Union for predatory pricing of transfers from working, immigrant families back to their relatives back home.  As we posted our demands on the front door of the Western Union office, a spokesperson for Western Union in a Denver suburb was talking to the Ottawa Citizen and conceding that they are not necessarily “the lowest priced service provider.”  Sorry, Daniel, that just isn’t good enough for ACORN International and ACORN Canada!

This weekend the report from ACORN India’s Bangalore organizer, Suresh showed the same spirits when he included the pictures of the hawkers we organized who were protesting the attempt to modify foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail which could threaten millions and millions of informal jobs in that sector currently employing 20 million workers.  The hawkers hit the streets wearing gunny sacks as part of the protest march.  ACORN International and our affiliates ACORN India and the India FDI Watch Campaign are pretty clear that unilateral action by the government had to be stopped and a mere suspension isn’t enough to make us happy until there are real protections for workers and communities.

2012 is off to a fast start!