Who Wants to Bet that Walmart’s Bribery Policy Was Not in Play in India and China?

ACORN International International Organizing

New Orleans  It still doesn’t mean that Walmart won’t walk away scot-free from its $24 million Mexican bribery scandal (and who knows how much more might have been spent in other countries like India?), but at least some directors may lose their soft perches and have their hands pried loose from the rubberstamps they have …

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Turning Up the Heat on FDI and Remittances

ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth International Protests Remittances

New Orleans   This report almost writes itself, especially since the pictures virtually tell the story as various organizations in the ACORN International global federation step up to turn on the heat. Ottawa ACORN opens another year of our Remittance Justice Campaign picketing Western Union for predatory pricing of transfers from working, immigrant families back to …

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