The Search for Community and the Hope for Organization in Southern Italy

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Taranto       My second day as a “professor” at La Scuola di Bollenti Spirit, the School of Hot Spirits, we were set to dive into how to look at campaigns.  Roberto Covolo, the school’s director started with an exposition of some of the differences in the Italian understanding of “state” responsibility and reflections that he and …

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Using Community Organizing to Change the Welfare System in Korea

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Seoul     Without a doubt this is all backwards.  I’m giving one of the keynote addresses to the International Seoul Welfare Forum 2012 about the ways that the City of Seoul could reorganize its welfare delivery system through its “community welfare centers” so that 20% of the operation is founded on “community organization” methodology.  We had …

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No News, No Power, No Way


New Orleans  This is the way pre-industrial societies and social networks operate. Somehow I opened in the darkness with the generator roaring, doors flung wide open, and by the light of a flashlight at 630 AM telling folks at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse that I had lots of choices.  I had “hot coffee” and I had “hot …

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