Google Decides to “Do Evil” to its Workers

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Labor Organizing Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans      Remember back in the old days, which might have only been a few years ago, but certainly seems so twentieth century now, when it seemed OK that Google was the go-to search engine for most everyone, the mail service for billions, map reader for …

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Where Will People Fit in a Google Designed City?

ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure

Toronto   In Toronto, the Prime Minister, Ontario and Toronto officials, and of course representatives from Alphabet, the parent company of Google, all were back slapping and hand clapping each other about Google’s subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, winning bid to develop an 800-acre tract of land along the waterfront as a rare opportunity to put their ideas …

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New America Foundation Underscores Moral Hazards of Fundraising

Ideas and Issues

New Orleans  The transactional nature of funding for nonprofits, even highly regarded A-list, Washington and New York City think tanks, that normally might be presumed to be sufficiently sanctified by their peers and immune to pressure within their circles, thanks to the current controversy around Google string pulling and the New America Foundation, are under …

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