Harris v. Quinn Part 3: The Problem of Creating Employers for Informal Workers

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New Orleans     Looking at the history of home-based work both in healthcare and daycare and its roots in domestic work going back to USA colonial times and branching directly out from plantation life at the end of slavery, it really goes without saying that the Court’s decision and creation of a new classification of “partial …

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Harris v. Quinn Part 2: Creating a Permanent Precariat in Public Employment

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New Orleans    As terrible as the impact of the Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn decision is for unions and their capacity, the equally profound and perhaps more permanent implication may be in its attempt to create different sets of rights and entitlements for a permanent precariat in public sector employment.  The 5-4 majority decision written …

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Harris v. Quinn Part 1: Supreme Court Brings Right-to-Work to Unions of Home Workers

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New Orleans    The Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn, issued on a 5-4 ideological split, denying the union of home healthcare aides in Illinois the ability to collect agency servicing fees in lieu of full membership dues, will be crippling to many local unions, but not fatal.  Regardless of the opinion rendered by Justice …

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