Stephen Preskill, Education in Black and White, Highlander Center

Highlander and Horton

Ideas and Issues

May 8, 2021 New Orleans It was fun talking to Stephen Preskill about his new book, Education in Black and White: Myles Horton and the Highlander Center’s Vision for Social Justice, on Wade’s World. The pleasure was as much about Preskill’s discussion of the book and his research, as it was bringing back memories of the …

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Myles Horton and Occupy Decision Making Structure

ACORN International Canada Ideas and Issues Organizer Training Organizers Forum

Toronto It is interesting to be reading Myles Horton’s autobiography, Long Haul, with its firmly held views on popular education, starting with where people are, supporting social movements, student-run and student-led educational experience, and “circles” of learning that are leaderless in pursuit of knowledge and at the same time hear and think about the Occupy …

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