Domestic Insurrection!?!

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans        Whoa, you crazy gunsels!  Y’all have absolutely crossed a line here!  Planning to kidnap a governor?  Are y’all out of your freaking minds? This was really the news of the day.  The FBI arrested six conspirators in Michigan who had seriously considered, discussed, and …

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Middle Class, Walmart Lies, Too Big to Indict or Fail, Altruism, and Stress

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New Orleans    You wouldn’t believe it, if it weren’t true! Second Walmart Supplier Found in Bangladesh Fire Tragedy:  Steven Greenhouse, NYT Scott Nova, executive director, of the Worker Rights Consortium, said the new documents raised additional questions about Walmart’s role at the factor.  ‘If Walmart’s claim that they were the victim of one rouge supplier …

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