The Activists of Paris Are Ready for a Movement Now

ACORN ACORN International Community Organizing International Labor Organizing

Paris   On the bus to our meetings in Paris we were clogged up in a huge traffic circle where the Bastille, the infamous prison of the French Revolution was located. On that site now is a quite grand appearing Opera House. My colleague had earlier reprised stories of Charles De Gaulle and his comeback after …

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GMO Contradictory Claims and Tripping up McDonalds in Paris

ACORN International Citizen Wealth Community Organizing Financial Justice

Grenoble   The counterclaims around genetically modified crops around the world are head spinning. Thousands march to protest their use in the US and Europe. Noted scientists take out ads in major papers claiming they represent no problems. Some argue they are necessary in the future to feed the world’s growing population. Back and forth it …

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Bollore-Socfin Steals Liberian Land with Empty Promises and Government Help

ACORN International Community Organizing International Organizers Forum

Douala, Cameroon   The Organizers’ Forum and ACORN International delegations spent an afternoon meeting in the cabaret of our hotel yesterday. We had finally come to the part of our agenda where we were hearing about the campaigns a number of our partners and organizing colleagues of recent days to stop land grabbing, particularly in their …

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Figuring Out How to Grow Globally, One Country at a Time, One after Another

ACORN ACORN International International Organizing

Grenoble   Finally with the last of our meetings over in Paris, we headed for Grenoble to focus on our own business, the internal and external work of ACORN International and its affiliates, most importantly, the Alliance Citoyenne and our joint work through ReAct globally. Where do we begin? Well of course everywhere, but we continue …

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