Fundacion Paraguaya, Social Enterprise and the Poverty Stoplight

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Asuncion         Our first successful contacts in Asuncion were with the Fundacion Paraguaya.  After weeks of sending emails without answer and puzzling over our problems, Martin Burt, the Executive Director of the Fundacion immediately answered my email, and almost as quickly we were having a lengthy Skype call, and he was offering his help, including the …

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Does Hillary Clinton Have a Real Plan for Income Inequality?

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Halifax    It’s time to start getting serious now that reality is sinking in and giving us a better look at a possible political future. There’s woe and rage about wage stagnation, the few future prospects of family-supporting jobs, deindustrialization, and millions stuck in grinding poverty while others have been allowed stupendous riches, and while fingers …

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Studies Find Microfinance Does Not Reduce Poverty, Assets Do

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Hamburg  Several years ago ACORN International did a research report that seemed heresy to many, but started from the simple proposition that since microfinance is debt, debt does not reduce poverty, therefore the value of microfinance was the same as buying a job through an employment agency: work at a steep price. For many the …

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Microfinance Company’s Own Investigation Proves SKS Provoked Suicides

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New Orleans    Working with ACORN International, Melanie Craxton from the University of Edinburgh and I produced a hard hitting report,  Mega Troubles for Microfinance, calling into question the claims that microfinance reduces poverty and the entire model of unsustainable practices, collection methods, and the resource bubble fueling their growth.   Sadly, a story written by the …

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