The Dollars Driving Landlords to Evict Aren’t Big Time

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsLittle Rock      The landlord ideology about tenants is based on a narrative mythology that whenever they evict, it is because their tenants are deadbeats and scofflaws.  Landlords having powerful local and national organizations and a much louder voice than their tenants have been selling this swill for …

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ACORN Canada’s Leader, Mike Wood, is Front Page News

ACORN ACORN International Canada Organizing

Ahitara, New Zealand      The backbone of ACORN are members and leaders and that’s true of any solid, power-building community organization, tenants’ union or workers association.  It was great to see Mike Wood profiled on the front page of the Hamilton Spectator, the old blue-collar city in Ontario only hours away from Toronto.  I want to …

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