IRS 990s are Information Hidden Right Under Our Eyes

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans       Forty years ago I can remember reading something somewhere way before the internet, big data, and ubiquitous computers that one of the ironies of life and work in America was the fact that we had access to way, way more information than we ever …

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The Rich are Wheeling and Dealing for Themselves at Private Foundations

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans       The Wall Street Journal and its reporter, Andrea Fuller, provided a public service for all of us by reviewing the publicly available tax filings of thousands of private foundations.   Their subject was the willful lack of compliance with the almost fifty-year prohibition against self-dealing.  Self-dealing occurs when private foundations do business with …

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Movements and Campaigns are Important but Funders Everywhere Starve and Misdirect Them

ACORN ACORN International Community Organizing Labor Organizing Organizers Forum Organizing

New Orleans   Morocco got me thinking about this problem, but it’s global, it’s pernicious, and it’s probably one of the major things still manufactured in America where the model is made. Money and the people who handle it are undermining and misdirecting actions, campaigns, leaders, and organizations. Yeah, yeah, what’s new, right? I can hear …

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